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Global 2020

Our heart at 3sixty5 is that every student would participate in at least one missions trip before the end of their four years in high school. We are excited to announce that 3sixty5 Global will be offering three different missions trips in 2020. These represent three different opportunities to Love Jesus and Change the World.

Experienced Trip: Spain

Beginner Trip: El Salvador

Middle School Trip: Columbus, Ohio

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3sixty5 Global: El Salvador
July 9-16, 2020

The 3sixty5 Global team will be heading to El Salvador this summer! We will be working alongside Castillo Del Rey (King’s Castle) to minister to the children of El Salvador. It will be 8 days spent reaching some of the children living in and around the capital of San Salvador. The Castillo Del Rey organization has been ministering in the area through street programs and camps for years, and we are excited to partner with them to reach El Salvador for Christ. 

Founded in 1989, King's Castle Ministries purposed to raise up an army of young, Spirit-filled warriors who would invade Latin America with the simple message “Jesus saves and is coming soon.” Today that vision has expanded to dozens of countries throughout the world. In El Salvador, we are a witness to a mighty move of God as He pours out His Spirit to anoint this generation who will usher in the return of His son, Jesus Christ. Working hand-in-hand with the local church, thousands of young men and women are giving their lives for the cause of global evangelism in the various aspects of the ministry.

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3sixty5 Global: Spain
July 9-16, 2020

The 3sixty5 Global team will be going to Spain in June. We will be working with Mark and Ellen Cannon at the Oasis Center to minister to refugees and Muslims in Madrid, Spain. The team will help to pioneer a deeper ministry to refugees connecting with local churches to outreach opportunities. Team will also participate in a camp for local youth.  

In 2010 the Cannons founded the Oasis Center with the intention of loving and valuing the diversity of the Lavapies. They have seen the Oasis community grow with the offering of basic classes in Spanish, Art, Cooking, and English. The Oasis center builds lasting relationship with the migrant population and shows them the way to Christ.

3sixty5 Global: Columbus, Ohio
August 2-8, 2020

This year we will travel to Columbus, Ohio to participate in the missional outreach that coincides with Nation Fine Arts. You don’t have to be a fine arts participant to go on this trip! We will partner with local churches to provide outreach and ministry opportunities all throughout Columbus and the surrounding areas. On this trip, not only will students be doing street ministry with AIM, but will also be participating in National Youth Convention! This week will shape up to be one of the most impactful experiences, you will not want to miss! 

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